This is GlobeKit


GlobeKit enables developers to quickly bring animated and interactive globes to the web.

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Built to turn heads


Your data deserves to be beautiful, and GlobeKit gives you the tools to make it shine.

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Jumpstart your project


Get up and running quickly with easy-to-use elements and built-in functionality.

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Customize your globe


Make simple style changes or dive into advanced features for total control.

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Powerful performance


GlobeKit can easily run thousands of data points, and includes pre-processing utilities to allow larger datasets.

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Designed for exploration


GlobeKit is interactive, with built-in pan/zoom and interactive data callouts.

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FAQ — No. 01

What browsers are supported by GlobeKit?

GlobeKit supports all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & Edge.

Can I use GlobeKit with a front-end framework?

GlobeKit is framework-agnostic. It can be used with any front-end framework, although some frameworks may require extra installation steps. It can also be used with vanilla Javascript.

What platforms does GlobeKit support?

  • Web
  • Native iOS - coming soon
  • Native Android - coming soon

Still have questions? Don’t see your platform? Email us or sign up to receive updates on the public 1.0 release, launching very soon!

M 4.5+ Earthquakes


USGS Magnitude 4.5+ Earthquakes, Past Month. GeoJSON loaded from feed on site load.


Earthquakes are visualized as colored dots. Both the color and scale of the dot reflect the earthquake’s magnitude.


Dot Globe with displacement ripple effect.

M 4.5+ Earthquakes